TWO Dunfermline choir leaders were able to grace the Alhambra stage for their new single.

The theatre allowed Hanley and The Baird in to record parts of Looking at You’s music video when coronavirus restrictions had eased.

The pair released their first track, Follow the Rainbows, early last year and their follow-up is inspired by their journey as musicians throughout the years and earning the right to play on the stages they perform on with their band today.

Annette Hanley and Kirsty Baird’s video featured both the Alhambra and The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, two venues they have played in before.

The new single – written initially back in 2012 – feels even more important right now as due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, so many of these stages and theatres are lying empty while many musicians, artists, actors and backstage crew are out of work.

Kirsty (The Baird) said: “We wrote the single together about earning our own right to play and perform on these stages.

“We have never taken anything for granted and have worked hard to earn the right and continue to do so and it was very important for us that some of our music video was filmed inside the theatres at this time.

“It’s sad to see these theatres lying empty and we hope, along with everyone else in the industry, that they get back up and running normally as soon as possible.”