YOU could easily have mistaken Rosyth for the planet of Hoth as the town was invaded by an AT-AT walker with snow sweeping across West Fife.

The dramatic scenes were captured by David Burt, a LEGO aficionado, who happened to have his camera on him at the time of the attack.

The Star Wars combat vehicle was spotted in his side garden of all places, and a path of destruction was left in its wake.

It was only after closer inspection that it was revealed that 2021 hadn't fully embarked into large-scale madness, and that the AT-AT was in fact a LEGO figure, and those injured could be reassembled, piece by piece.

He recreated The Battle of Hoth to take some time out from his busy work life, he told the Press.

He said: "It’s my way of chilling out as I work frontline for the Ambulance Service.

"I just done it at my side garden in Rosyth, I’m a huge LEGO fan and my conservatory is full of models."

Scroll through our gallery above to see the damage done.

The drama has extended beyond Rosyth in the past few days, however, as Steven Ireland sent us a shocking animal encounter.

While locals may have become accustomed to spotting familiar wildlife at Townhill Loch over the years with common sightings of herons, swans, frogs and other pond favourites, Steven made a discovery inland.

Dunfermline Press:

A stunned Steven told the Press: "Be very careful on the streets of Dunfermline today!

"Other than the obvious dangers there has been an extremely rare sighting of the elusive "Snow Shark", spotted prowling the streets of Townhill."

It is understood that the Snow Shark is close to extinction, and those who encounter it are advised to keep their distance - I hear two-metres is quite the clever limit these days - and not to make any sudden movements.

We are awaiting confirmation on reports that this "little beauty" of a shark was made by Steven's friend, Carla.

We will bring you updates as we get them.