First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that Scotland's lockdown WILL continue until at least the beginning of March, but may be extended.

However, the phased return to schooling will also go ahead from Monday (February 22).

As previously said, early years children, P1-3 and a number of senior pupils will be going back.

The Scottish Government will be prioritising education and they hope to set out phase two of schools returning in two weeks. But the FM warned that other pupils will probably not be returning before March 15.

When making her announcement about continuing lockdown for at least another couple of weeks, Ms Sturgeon said while the situation is "better", it's still "fragile".

However, the Scottish Government is currently preparing a strategic framework to tell us how we will emerge out of lockdown. That is expected to be announced next week.

The First Minister said: "We know we cannot be in lockdown indefinitely.

"But we must be driven more by data than dates.

"If we open up too quickly, we risk setting our progress back."

The easing of lockdown is going to be more cautious than last summer, we were warned.

Nicola Sturgeon says we need to look at trade-offs, for example using headroom to get children back to school may result in living with other restrictions for longer.

Significant restrictions on travel are likely to be prolonged.

The FM said that it's highly likely that the public will be advised to not book holidays for Easter.

Even further ahead, it is highly unlikely we will be allowed to travel abroad during the summer holidays.