THE old driving test centre in Dunfermline is set to be turned into a dental and healthcare clinic.

Dr Kevin Kit, from the House of Ikigai, has applied to Fife Council for permission to change the use of 40 Millhill Street from flats for medical purposes.

The application explained: "The property will be used as a dental hygiene and holistic healthcare clinic.

"There will be external alteration with the inclusion of new handrails and a front door.

"The property was previously a local authority test centre and the corner entrance door, not used for many years, is being reinstated."

On the plans, one room seems to be for the dental clinic and a second room for a 'medical wellbeing centre'.

Opening hours would be from 8.30am to 8pm, seven days a week, and a planning statement added: "The centre offers personalised, medical health and wellbeing, with medical and pharmacy services.

"All services are free from offensive noise, and outputs with services and devices offered.

"The centre will offer super-personalised, tailored medical services and therefore plan to be seeing one, perhaps two, patients an hour, therefore minimal traffic and congestion."

The driving test centre was in Millhill Street before moving to Pitreavie. It closed in 2019 and tests are currently being offered from the Vine Centre on Garvock Hill.

Dr Kit explained: "The services House of Ikigai provides are born from the need for care, without being rushed, with kindness and compassion, to offer honest personalised healthcare that clients, patients and customers deserve.

"Ikigai composed of 'Iki', to live,  and 'gai', reason, is the concept which makes life worthwhile; the meaning to life's worth. Your purpose in life.

"Meet you at where you are at to take you to where you want to be. 

"It's a complete approach to care, to help them be the best version of their most healthy self."

He said services will include medical face treatments by medical experts, teeth whitening by a dentist and 'mental wealth' services by qualified professionals.