VILE graffiti has been daubed on the headstone of a World War One hero in Dunfermline Cemetery.

Marker pen was used to deface the gravestone of Air Mechanic W M Knight, of the Royal Flying Corps, who died on March 14, 1918.

Offensive messages were also plastered over another headstone and were spotted by a West Fife dog-walker who said he planned to report the offences to Fife Council and the police.

He added: “Someone will know who did this as the writing is very distinct and they seem to have signed it on the top left-hand side.”

Fife Council Safer Communities manager Kirstie Freeman said: “Graffiti is a serious crime that impacts all members of the community and its removal can be costly to the council. This is particularly offensive as it has appeared on gravestones.

“We aim to clean graffiti as soon as possible after it is reported to us. We will take action on this now and step up patrols in the area. We rely on the public coming forward and reporting graffiti.

"You can do this online at or phone 03451 55 00 22.”