PITCORTHIE residents have their very own newshound to bring them the latest news alongside the Dunfermline Press of course!

Adorable cocker spaniel Nacho has been keeping local residents entertained throughout the pandemic with daily pupdates.

Nacho’s family were inspired by neighbours displaying rainbows in their windows to show support for frontline workers, so Carine Swan decided they should do something a little different.

Nacho News was born on March 24 last year and has proved a hit online, with the canine correspondent attracting nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram!

Carine’s daughter, Catriona Taylor, told the Press that Nacho has loved the attention and sits by the window every morning for his picture to be taken.

The well-trained reporter loves a good pun and provides topical news bites each day.

Catriona said: “I don’t think any of us expected Nacho to get this much fame and to be so popular with people.

“It was my mum’s idea and after starting it in the last lockdown, we’ve kept on going; we actually had a Christmas calendar countdown as well.

“I think we’ve had more than 100 photos of him on my mum’s Facebook page. That’s where friends and family have been seeing him.

“Nacho has loved the attention! He’s up for anything and he has a few tricks.

“My mum wanted to raise people’s spirits by doing this and I think it has.

“It makes people smile.

“Pals of mine have even been fangirling over Nacho; they’ve loved this posts – he’s like a celebrity.

“We try to keep the photos and ideas as positive as we can.

“The ideas have been varied from the start.

“We made him a cardboard cable car for International Cable Car Day, got him dressed up for the weather forecast and so much more.”

Our picture gallery in this week's Press shows just a handful of Nacho’s news updates from across the past year.

From recreating the iconic Lady and the Tramp scene to doing the maths on whether the family could afford to keep Muffin the cat, Nacho – named after the family’s love of Mexican food, pipping dad Neil’s suggestion of Oban – has proved to be a versatile journalist.

To keep up with his posts, visit his Instagram page, run by Catriona’s sister Emily: @xxfloofynachoxx