A DUNFERMLINE director is hoping a crowdfunder will help flesh out plans for his upcoming film, ‘Skinjacker’.

The sci-fi and horror tale was written by David Izatt and features a lesser-known creature from Scottish mythology.

It brings to life a dark and mysterious beast but when mixed with a sci-fi element, it adds to the horror and suspense of the story.

This is a story that focuses on escape and survival of the characters within it, yet it is the stunning, bleak Scottish landscapes and the unpredictability of the story which play the biggest parts.

Drawing influence from the likes of Alien and The Thing, as well as Scottish hit Under the Skin, the Zoghogg Studios production has been a work in progress for some time.

With test footage being shot originally back in 2017 it has been a long process and, when coupled with coronavirus restrictions, filming is still some time away.

However, David told the Press that he had high hopes for the film, which will see a large sci-fi soundstage created in Dunfermline for the picture.

“We are aiming to raise a minimum of £20,000,” he commented.

“With these additional funds we will be able to complete our amazing set-build at our soundstage in Dunfermline and funds will also help towards travel, accommodation, transport, location fees, equipment rentals, expenses, catering and more.

“We shot the test footage four years ago and it was only last summer that I decided with my cinematographer that we would go with Skinjacker.

“There’s a group of characters living in this remote area and they lose all of the power in the area; they lose power in their cars, batteries, lights etc.

“With it being a sei-film, some of the characters start to go missing and it has that creepy, horror vibe to it.

“You realise that something is a little bit different here and the characters start to clash and deal with their differences at the same time as something else is in the area with them.”

The crowdfunder launched on Friday and is available to visit here.