IF YOU happened to see a Dunfermline man chasing kids around with an axe in the snow, please don’t panic ... it was just Jamie Irvine filming a parody of The Shining.

The dad-of-two has been keeping spirits high in the household with laughs aplenty after home-schooling comes to an end.

Jamie, an avid film fan, decided to revisit an old family tradition by turning to Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining, for some creative inspiration.

Having filmed previously a short parody of Jack Nicholson’s head popping through the door in true Shining style with his daughter, Stella, then just one-year-old, he decided recently that it was time for a reboot.

Stella, now six, guest-starred alongside his four-year-old son, Magnus, with partner Sheena behind the camera filming classic moments from the psychological horror based on Stephen King’s 1977 novel of the same name.

Jamie, 34, explained how ‘The Homeschooling’ parody, clocking in at just over a minute, came to be: “There’s been an ongoing story in our house with this filming of ‘The Shining’.

“I had made a Shining parody with my daughter when she was one-year-old.

“There was a shed needing taken down. I thought that if we hacked at the door, we could have her appearing through the crack in the door; not holding the axe, I should say, but appearing as though she was holding the axe!

“This latest one was a follow-up of that and I thought it would make our family and friends have a laugh.

“I think a lot of people can relate to going mad in the house right now!

“The kids enjoyed doing it. We do watch movies and have a family film night.

“They were so into it and my girl was joking about how we needed more props and needed to do a second take of some scenes!

“It was good fun and they liked the finished result as well.

“Maybe one day down the line they’ll see The Shining and realise why they were subjected to this?

“Hopefully, in years to come, they’ll watch our video again and find it funny and not incredibly embarrassing. They may think I’m cool now but that could seriously change and I could become very uncool very quickly when they see it again.”

The video features iconic references to the film and even includes Jamie trawling through the snow after his children, axe in hand.

Not only that but Jamie’s attire has a nod to Kubrick’s classic work.

He said: “My mother-in-law knitted the jumper for me as well. That was another piece of the puzzle that worked out for us.

“I was asked by her at Christmas what pattern would I like for a jumper and I just thought that the carpet pattern from The Shining was perfect and quite iconic.”

When asked whether another short film was in the works, he refused to rule out Magnus featuring in a starring role in the future.

‘The Homeschooling’ is available to watch online here.

CAUTION: Readers of a nervous disposition may find some scenes upsetting.