A CATNAP went dramatically wrong for one West Fife kitten when she found herself trapped in the mechanism of a sofa.

Little Sammi had to have most of her tail amputated after last month’s ordeal and owner Susan Hurles is now warning fellow pet owners to be on their guard with their furniture.

The puss had been relaxing in the home of Susan’s parents, who live in the flat below her in Inverkeithing’s Townhall Street, but seven-month Sammi had a rude awakening when the recliner button was activated.

“The kitten had gone into my mum’s house and they never noticed her going to sleep,” said Susan. “They normally go behind the couch or on top of it. She had seen one of the cats go out so went and pressed the button and the kitten was underneath.

“Her tail and back leg were trapped. The cat was screaming. We managed to pull the paw out but the tail was wrapped right round the mechanism.

“The mechanism is like a big spiral rod inside with a metal bar and it is open at the sides. I phoned the fire brigade and got them to come down. They came within about 10 minutes and it took them an hour. They had to cut open the cables and had to dismantle the whole mechanism.

“It was just horrific. I have never been through anything like it. The cat was screaming. The vet said bring her right up and that they would sedate her and kept her in.

“The tail was broken nearly all the way up. She has got maybe two inches left but she thought she would not make it. They thought she had nerve damage to the spine. We were so worried.”

Susan also had to be checked out after the incident as she endured injuries while trying to keep little Sammi calm.

“My hands were covered in cat bites,” she said. “I had to go to get a tetanus. I had to try and contain her the whole time. She was biting and biting and biting.

“The sofa is totally destroyed but they have got insurance and we will get round to seeing to that. That was the least of my worries.

“The whole experience has traumatised us all. The firemen informed me that they have been called out to very similar situations with small dogs and cats. I wouldn’t want anyone else or their little furry friend to go through this.

“It has taken me this long to tell the story as it has made me so upset but it important that people are warned of the dangers.”

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson confirmed they were alerted to reports of an “animal in difficulty” at a house in Townhall Street at 9.07pm on January 15.

“Operations Control mobilised one appliance from Dunfermline Fire Station,” she said. “Firefighters removed a cat who had become stuck in the mechanism of an electric seat. The animal was handed into the care of its owner.”