West Fifers have received duplicate coronavirus vaccine appointment letters due to a scheduling error - even though they've had their first jags.

The Press has been contacted by multiple members of the public who have had a vaccine as planned, and then received a letter apologising that there appointment had been cancelled, and it had been rescheduled.

Many were concerned that they would be classed as a no-show for a rescheduled appointment that they don't need to go for or they would be missed off the list for their second jab.

John Lloyd of Inverkeithing said: "I got vaccinated at Rosyth Parkgate last week and then a very apologetic letter arrived saying that my appointment had been cancelled and rescheduled.

"My concern is that there could be appointments that could be used for others but they've been used for people that already have the jag!

"I knew I couldn't have just been me that had been sent this letter.

"I'm also concerned that I was given nothing that actually is evidence that I've had the vaccine. What if we're asked for it once restrictions are eased?

"I assume I've been put into a system but I don't know."

NHS Fife have explained that they are aware of the error issue and there is no need for these people to do anything.

A NHS Fife spokesperson said: "The roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination and appointment scheduling is being led by the Scottish Government.

"We understand that a number of people, in Fife may have received an additional letter inviting them for their first vaccination, after they have received their vaccine.

"This error was due to an issue with the national appointment scheduling tool.

"If you have received a letter in error after receiving your first dose, there is no need to do anything.

"Letters confirming second appointment dates will be sent following attendance at the clinic for your first vaccine and well in advance of the second appointment date.

"NHS Fife does not have access to individual appointments, please do not contact us directly. Call the national helpline on 0800 22 44 88."

You should also contact NHS Scotland if you think you should have received an invitation to your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination appointment by now, or if you have lost your invitation letter.

You can do this by phone or by completing an online form. For more information visit NHS Inform.