A CAMPAIGN to get plans on track for a cycle path linking the Fife Coastal Path and the Forth Road Bridge has been launched.

James Bell has been pushing for a suitable and safe route since the beginning of lockdown as he says the current offering in Inverkeithing are "lethal" and do not encourage safe cycling.

"I wanted to create a link that was safer, more logical and would enhance Inverkeithing too," he explained. "It has been a source of frustration for me for years – because it is unsafe for families – but it even annoyed me as a teenager when I went exploring on my bike.

"If you can imagine how busy the B981 through Inverkeithing gets during normal times, it is difficult to understand why Fife Council has encouraged families, the young and old to cycle along it, as being anything other than irresponsible.

"The cycling facility is a faded white line on a treacherous road."

Former Inverkeithing High pupil James, who now lives in Burntisland, said he has been in touch with Fife Council and other organisations with his suggestions of a way forward and is hoping a feasibility study will now be carried out.

One solution he has put forward is using the disused railway line which runs through Inverkeithing while another is a track through disused land on the Caldwell paper mill.

"I contacted the owners of the land, and they have expressed support for my idea, since it would compliment their ambitions too," he said.

"I have deliberately come up with more than one proposal, so there is flexibility. If I spur the council on to coming up with their own solution – that is great too!

"I am not being prescriptive, just making the case for improvement and demonstrating what I consider has been a lack of focus on Inverkeithing."

When lockdown restrictions permitted, James did walking tours with representatives from the council and community organisations.

"I have published my ideas on social media and my own website more recently to generate some interest and highlight what I feel has been a wasted opportunity," he added. "This has been met with a great deal of positivity and support."

Fife Council Lead Consultant Allan Maclean confirmed that he had been in touch with Mr Bell about the project and that the council would be keen to support the community explore future possibilities for the route.

He added: "We would be happy to work together with the local community to help promote safe cycling in the area."