WORK to provide second coronavirus vaccinations will start on health care staff in the coming weeks.

A total of 95,000 people in Fife have already received their first jabs.

Members of Fife's Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board were given an update at their meeting on Friday.

Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Scott Garden welcomed the progress which had already been made.

"13 community clinics are up and running with a work force in place and we have got continued support from GPs and district nursing colleagues as we vaccinate our house bound patients," he said.

"We will be completing cohorts three four and five by the week commencing the 22nd then we will be moving onto cohort six which is individuals with underlying health conditions and unpaid carers and we will commence our second doses in line with the 12 week window from March 1 starting with our staff who were some of the first to be vaccinated. "We thank the partners in planning and delivery and I am really pleased with the progress we have made."

Concern was raised by Dunfermline South councillor David J Ross about issues some West Fifers were having in getting to their vaccination appointments.

He asked if any other community clinics would be added after hearing from some High Valleyfield residents.

"Some of them are finding it difficult to get to Dunfermline or Oakley because it is going to be two buses," he said. "Would it be possible to put anything out in the High Valleyfield and Kincardine direction?"

Mr Garden said their mapping tool when organising the vaccination programme had been designed to get people to their closest venue.

"What we have is, if people need support to get to venues with transport, we have links with Fife Council and voluntary services to enable that to happen," he said. "We are looking at other venues but that is more as we move towards larger venues as we go through other cohorts and younger age groups."

Board chairperson Rosemary Liewald said the vaccination campaign was moving in the "right" direction.

"We are rolling out his vaccine in a successful manner," she said. "Every single person is coming together to roll out a vaccine that has never been imagined.

"I want to add my thanks to every single person."