A TESCO worker pocketed more than £2,000 in a scam involving goods she claimed had been returned by customers for refunds.

The fraud was carried out at a Dunfermline store over a four-week period.

Betsy Graham, 52, of Kenilworth Terrace, Lochore, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

She will have to pay back the stolen money but avoided any further punishment.

Graham admitted that between June 22 and July 26, 2019, at Tesco, Winterthur Lane, she formed a fraudulent scheme by taking possession of unsold items, scanning them through a till as if they had been returned by a shopper seeking a refund and removing from a till a sum of money to the value of the items.

She took possession of unsold items of stock, hid them near a till and, when there were no customers or other members of staff present, she scanned the items as if they had been returned for a refund.

She then removed the sums of money involved and obtained £2,250 by fraud.

Sheriff Alison Michie imposed a compensation order for £2,250 which will be repaid at £50 a month.