A FIFE councillor has left the SNP to sit as an Independent instead.

West Fife and Coastal Villages councillor Kate Stewart, who was elected in 2012, has decided to leave the group, which runs Fife Council in a joint administration with Labour, for unknown reasons.

The Press discovered the move following a change in details on the council's website but there has been no public announcement.

Cllr Stewart told us: "I would rather not comment. I will continue to work for West Fife and Coastal Villages."

Cllr Stewart is now the second Independent councillor within Fife Council after Linda Holt resigned from the Scottish Conservatives group in December 2019.

The composition of the council is now: Scottish National Party (SNP) 29, Scottish Labour Party 23, Scottish Conservative & Unionist 14, Scottish Liberal Democrats 7 and Independent 2, to make a total of 75 elected members.

The Fife SNP group said there were "no issues" and they remained "a friend" of Cllr Stewart.

Fife Council co-leader Cllr David Alexander said: "Kate has said she has left the SNP for personal reasons.

"She is leaving our group as a friend and there are no issues.

"We are disappointed but we know her heart is in the right place."