A SHED played in by nursery children at Donibristle Primary School is out of action after it was damaged by vandals and evidence of drug use was found.

The incident happened earlier this month and police have appealed to parents for their co-operation and warned vandals that they'll be checking the school's CCTV.

Headteacher Karyn Rennie said: "It has been very frustrating and heartbreaking but we're working very closely with Police Scotland.

"We're not going to repair the damage at the moment until they've stopped coming in but it means the children can't use the shed, which is the most upsetting thing.

"The nursery is in a secluded area of the playground and a lot of people can't see so they're hidden there.

"We can see that they're coming to smoke cannabis. We're looking to get some camera installations in that area and asking residents if they see people coming in to call 101."

Police have dealt with similar incidents in recent weeks in South-West Fife, in Rosyth, Inverkeithing and North Queensferry as well as Dalgety Bay.

Last week, two teenagers, aged 13 and 14, were charged with wilful fireraising after a blaze broke out in the early hours at Rosyth Rugby Club in Harley Street. 

Offenders have also been charged with a defibrillator theft at Inverkeithing High Street and smashed windows at Kings Road Primary. 

In a tweet, South-West Fife police said: "Some recent issues @donibristleps in #DalgetyBay. Damage caused to one of the nursery sheds and a lot of mess left behind. Parents/guardians, #WhereIsYourChild? It’s not always 'groups from other areas'. We’ll be checking the CCTV there shortly."