DULOCH Primary School's gorgeous reading dog has been awarded a special medal for his work as a 'therapet'.

Cody has received the honour for five years of bringing comfort and happiness to those who need it.

Prior to the pandemic, the seven-year-old was making weekly visits to the primary school with his owner, Diane McRoberts.

Cody would sit with the children and his presence over the last two years helped the children to read stories aloud.

Diane said: "Some children can struggle to read out loud in front of people but they'll be happy to cuddle, clap and read the story to Cody.

"He's got a really good nature and he likes the attention.

"He goes into school once a week on a Wednesday morning for an hour, just after break.

"We've built up a good relationship with the school so it was really sad when coronavirus stopped us being able to visit.

"I've really missed going in with him and he's missed it too.

"He's not very good at social-distancing though, he runs up to everyone for cuddles!"

The medal arrived last week from Canine Concern Scotland Trust – the charity Cody works for – and they said it's an honour he "richly deserves".

The school also congratulated their "gorgeous reading dog".

A post on its Facebook page said: "He is such a kind and gentle boy and the children who read with him gain so much from his visits.

"Sadly, he hasn't been able to visit for a while due to current restrictions and we are really missing him.

"We can't wait for the day when we can welcome Cody and Diane back into school for reading and cuddles!"