CONCERNS about how West Fifers without digital access can pay their council tax have been raised just days before the first bill is due.

Jim Stewart, who is chairperson of Central Dunfermline Community Council, contacted the Press after he attempted to set up a regular payment for his mum but was unable to because she didn't have a unique email address.

He said online payments now had to be organised through an online mygovscot account but believes this is an issue for some people who don't have the technology.

"I've been trying to set up a new direct debit for my mum, and its impossible as I can't reuse my own email address," he explained.

"How does anyone set up a direct debit for council tax payments if they do not have an email address nor technology?"

Mr Stewart experienced issues initially after contacting Fife Council when a helpline directed him to the website and the website, in turn, directed him to the helpline.

He said this issue had now been resolved, however, it meant it was too late for this month's amount to be included.

The council's head of customer and online services, Diarmuid Cotter, said they were trying to make it as easy as possible and encouraged customers to carry out transactions online.

"By setting up a account, customers can carry out a variety of transactions online including registering for their own council tax account," he said.

"Each account is individual to the customer and therefore needs an individual email account to register.

"We also support customers to set up a direct debit for their council tax over the phone by calling 03451 551155. We're sorry that this customer has experienced difficulties with the system and we'll check if any improvements could be made."