WORK to tackle flooding hotspots across Fife has already seen items including tyres and bird boxes pulled out from places experiencing problems.

Members of Fife Council's environment and protective services committee were given an update on the ongoing efforts to stem affected flood-ridden areas across the Kingdom.

In August last year, more than 400 places suffered flooding and the local authority last month committed £5 million over the next 10 years for flood prevention, along with a one-off £450,000 boost for 2021/22 to continue assessing the problem spots.

Derek Crowe, the council’s roads and transportation service manager, said the number of sites requiring attention was increasing every week.

"It now extends to over 450," he said. "Very positive progress is being made so far. We have found tyres, wheels and bird boxes, along with many other blockages, dumped into the drainage process and they have been responsible for flooding problems and have been removed."

A report to councillors explained that collaborative working with Scottish Water was also being progressed where there was a joint responsibility.

"This collaborative work will continue for all sites reported and will progress and inform future discussions for sites occurring from any future flood events," stated the report.

"Progress to date on the 414 affected sites throughout August is as follows: A CCTV survey contract has been awarded covering 34 problematic sites under the risk assessment developed in September 2020. This work started on site in January 2021. To date, 18 of these sites have been completed or are in progress. This work will be concluded in mid-April.

"Also, 42 of the 156 joint investigation sites with Scottish Water have been progressed. A further 37 sites where there is only a council investigation required have also been progressed.

"Therefore, in total, 113 separate sites have been investigated and any works progressed to date."