A SAUNTERING swan had the brass neck to halt a van driver in his tracks at Townhill Loch.

Thankfully for the nonchalant bird, the old bill were not called for as police constables Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman were off-duty at the time of Monday's incident.

The superb shot was snapped by Bob Smart at the loch at around 7pm, who told the Press that a small crowd had gathered to watch the stubborn swan show no fear and hold its ground in the face of traffic.

Bob, from Dunfermline, said: "I had been taking pictures up at the loch and as I was about to leave, I could see the van sitting and a group of people near it.

"I couldn't see the swan at the time, it was only when they moved that I could see it standing there blocking the van.

"The swan was not for moving, let me tell you!

"I was only there for a few minutes, I don't know how long that poor guy was sitting there!

"It reminded me of working with this guy from Edinburgh and the time when I had to go to my house to pick something up. He was always taking the mick that he was from the big city and being in Dunfermline was like being out in the sticks as far as he was concerned.

"I was arguing with him about it - we were in the car and as we turned the corner into Bridge Street, there was a big traffic jam and it was one of the town's peacocks that caused it!

"I never heard the end of that one!"