FIFE COUNCIL'S high earners have been revealed with the chief executive receiving £201,514 last year.

Steve Grimmond took home a £163,720 salary, plus £37,794 in pension contributions, during 2019/20.

A new study from the TaxPayers' Alliance, their 14th annual 'Town Hall Rich List', has shown that 215 council staff across Scotland received more than £100,000, and a further 52 earned more than £150,000.

Mr Grimmond is joined on the list by Eileen Rowand, Fife Council's executive director for finance and corporate services.

Ms Rowand was paid a salary of £123,535, plus £30,266 into her pension, making her overall remuneration £153,801.

Carrie Lindsay, the council's executive director for education and children's services, was paid the same amount as Ms Rowand.

Michael Enston, executive director for communities, was paid £120,004, plus £30,266 in his pension, for an overall total of £150,270.

Keith Winter, executive director for enterprise and environment, received £120,009. Once £29,564 pension contributions are added, it's an overall pay of £149,573.

Heather Stuart, chief executive of Fife Cultural Trust, falls just shy of the six-figure pay grade with a salary of £99,143. Her overall package was £121,450 after £22,307 of pension sums were added.

Robin Baird, senior manager of Fife Resource Solutions LLP and Resource Efficient Solutions LLP, earned £83,492 and received £18,619 in pension payments for a final total of £102,111.

Two undisclosed Fife Council staff members also received a salary of £107,500 and £102,500, respectively.

Sharon McKenzie, head of human resources at Fife Council, said: “Salaries for council chief cxecutives across Scotland are set by COSLA as part of a national collective agreement with the relevant trade unions and representative bodies.

“Separately, Fife Council, which has over 17,000 employees, has five members of staff with salaries exceeding £100,000. Their salaries are a matter of public record.”

Across Scotland, the local authority with the most employees who received remuneration in excess of £100,000 in 2019-20 was Edinburgh with 28.

The biggest remuneration package in this region was received by Edinburgh's managing director of Lothian Buses, Richard Hall, who earned £340,553.

For the second year running, Glasgow had the highest number of employees receiving over £150,000 at 14, two more than the previous year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's salary is reportedly just under £150,000 while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's total salary is just over £157,000 a year.