DUNFERMLINE Sheriff Court is set to be used for cases heard by a sheriff and a jury as part of cororonavirus recovery efforts.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Services (SCTS) has announced its plans which it hopes will help clear the backlog of trials created by the pandemic.

As well as adding four new High Court locations which will sit daily, they have proposed that two sheriff courts for 'solemn' cases – which are heard by a sheriff and a jury – be established in Dunfermline and Dumfries.

Up to 10 summary trial courts – which do not require a jury – will also be allocated across the sheriff courts, based on the level of backlog cases and safe court capacity.

A statement from the SCTS said: "Over the coming months, we will be working with justice organisations, the legal profession and the third sector to prepare for the recovery programme, which will be dependent on continued progress on vaccination and COVID transmission rates."

SCTS have predicted previously that additional resources such as the extra courts could help clear the backlog of high court and sheriff solemn cases, caused by the pandemic, by 2025 with summary trial backlogs dealt with by 2024.

Back in January, the Press reported the court service's plans to use the ODEON cinema in Dunfermline as a jury centre as part of their efforts to enable trials to progress.

The Fife Leisure Park venue was to be used for jury trials at courts in Falkirk, Kirkcaldy and Perth.