YOUNGSTERS across the Kingdom are going for gold, silver and bronze in this year's Postcode Olympics.

Forget about the Discus, Hurdles, Synchronised Swimming and Triple Jump, as new sports have taken their place.

Virtual teams have assembled online as Fife Council encourages school pupils to get "very creative" in how they recreate Olympic events at home.

Competing against other postcode areas, pupils are signing up in an array of unique activities.

Did you know that mops, brushes and soft toys can be used as an alternative for Dressage? We didn't either, but that is one event which has had a makeover.

Plates and frying pans have been used for Tennis, and Vacuum Figure Skating will soon be making an appearance in the surreal Olympic Games taking place until the end of May.

Archery, Javelin and Skating are also set to be contested in the weeks to come.

Pamela Colburn, Fife Active Schools manager, said “Encouraging children from an early age to get involved in a form of physical activity gives them the confidence to take part in any number of sports. This breaks down barriers, raises their enjoyment of exercise and can lead to a much healthy lifestyle.

“Taking part in the Postcode Olympics will help to grow their sense of community and increase their interest in the ‘healthy’ competition.”

To find out how to take part and to register, visit the FifeActiveSchools Facebook page.