ONE family thought their mum had moved out as hairdressers across Dunfermline and West Fife have been that busy since re-opening.

Along with salons, West Fife hairdressers were given the green light to welcome back customers last Monday as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease in Scotland.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement resulted in desperate attempts to book appointments with business inboxes being flooded and voicemail messages left in abundance.

Erin Bruce, owner of Avenue One in Dunfermline, has been rushed off her feet and told the Press: "When it was announced we could re-open earlier than planned it was a huge lift, and the messages were coming in from everywhere.

"Unfortunately, as was the case last time, there was no guidance update until around four days before we were allowed to open which made it extremely difficult to book people in.

"The past week has been chaos. I think my kids thought I'd moved away!

"Since Monday, our two stylists have seen nearly 100 clients, which we are extremely grateful for!

"There has been many disasters to fix but I have noticed people generally just waited this time.

"It's been a very stressful and exhausting week but well worth it to see all our lovely clients again."

Keira Campbell-Sharp, at Bespoke Colour House in Dunfermline, said that past experience of re-opening after lockdown had helped.

"Getting out on time right now is near impossible!" she said.

"It was tough for everyone not knowing when we could get back to work or when we could start booking clients again. It’s hard to make a plan when everything is up in the air. We did have the advantage this time round of having done it all before though."

She added that customers had been wise enough to avoid DIY haircuts at home in the past few months.

Keira laughed: "I think everyone learned not to take matters into their own hands from last time!"

Abbie Crawford, based at Complete Hair and Beauty in Dunfermline, said that the past few months had been a financial struggle but meeting colleagues and familiar faces had been a huge lift.

She said: "I like routine and love the girls I work with so I missed them.

"When we finally got our date to return it was a shock as we thought it would be April 26. Our phones were going crazy! I had over 120 appointments to get booked in.

"I love my job so love being back and being in a routine.

"Luckily, after last lockdown, there wasn't as many home cuts, thankfully!"

Her words were echoed by Claire Rae, at Inspire Hair in Dunfermline, who said: "The past year has been extremely difficult financially and mentally for our industry as hairdressers are sociable, tactile people used to being on our feet chatting away all day.

"I have kept in touch with clients, giving them advice in home care and retailing products suitable for home maintaining and boosting their colour but that's been my only source of income so when the date was announced firstly I was shocked, then nervously excited.

"I honestly thought we would be no sooner than April 26. That's when it was all systems go! The diary was open and the messaging began.

"It's been amazing to see everyone and the excitement and joy you get from the clients makes the job so worthwhile. It's something I never take for granted being able to do what you love every day as a job."