THE signs are looking good for the Alhambra in Dunfermline after having a dig at Fife Council.

The theatre had suggested that April Fools' Day had arrived early as they posted a photo of signage on Dunfermline High Street.

Installed by Fife Council, the totem included popular attractions in the town – such as the Carnegie Hall – but missed out the Alhambra.

As a result, the venue posted the following comment on its Facebook page on March 31: "Do you think Fife Council forgot someone? Or maybe April Fools' Day came early, sigh ..."

The council confirmed to the Press that the venue would soon feature on other pedestrian signage in the future, attributing the affect of COVID-19 for delays in implementing the totems.

Andrew Gallacher, community manager, stated: "The Alhambra is a key destination and will feature on city centre maps and new signs, highlighting time and distance information.

"Unfortunately, there have been delays in completing the project due to COVID, but work should be finished by the summer."