FIFE COUNCIL have pledged they will continue to look at ways of resolving the plight of a homeless West Fife football club.

Members of the South West Fife area committee were given an update on Rosyth FC who were made homeless almost three years ago after agreeing to terminate their lease at Recreation Park.

That came after the council accepted an offer to sell the land to allow for the development of a Lidl supermarket in 2016.

As part of the deal, developer Mactaggart and Mickel was to provide the club with facilities – including a grass pitch – at the Fleet Grounds.

However, this has not yet come to fruition and council officials have now conceded that these plans have been affected by the choice of the Fleet Grounds as the site for a replacement Inverkeithing High School.

Property services manager Michael O’Gorman said: "This decision has, at best, impacted the timing and, at worst, potentially precluded the creation of a replacement football ground at that location.

"Balancing the competing interests, differing priorities and potentially conflicting timescales for proposals is challenging and it is important that communication between the parties continues."

One option outlined in a report to councillors was the "potential" for the inclusion of the club’s activities at the new secondary school as part of a community school leisure provision.

A second option was a return to Recreation Park but "significant issues" were highlighted, including the fact that part of that land was now owned by Mactaggart and Mickel and new access, parking and club house would be needed. These would require planning consent and could see the loss of the new Lidl store.

A third option was the identification of an alternative site in Rosyth which could lead to the club's relocation.

Earlier this month, the Press reported local councillor Tony Orton's comments that a new home for Rosyth FC – along with a training facility for Dunfermline Athletic – could be created at the Civil Service Club which announced its closure in January.

He said the council and local councillors had put forward a case to the Civil Service Sports Association supporting the use of their land for Rosyth FC in particular but also associated with Dunfermline Athletic

Although Mr O'Gorman didn't comment on the third party location, this is believed to be what the council consider as the best option.

"If agreement is reached, this may prove to be the option that offers the quickest solution and best fit to the club’s needs allowing early establishment with no adverse effect on the school or the proposed retail scheme," he said.

"Discussions between the parties are ongoing and remain commercially confidential. Engagement will continue over the coming months with a view to securing a satisfactory outcome."

Rosyth councillor Andrew Verrecchia said the club had left their previous home in "good faith" and had been "dealt a pretty harsh blow", adding: "We need some kind of next step."

Councillor Tony Orton expressed fears that the club could be homeless until the school's completion in 2026 and added that the Lidl development was also being held up because planning requirements could not be met.

The committee have now asked for a verbal update on the situation to be provided at their next meeting and for officers to look again for any other suitable locations.

Rosyth FC board member and assistant manager, Russell Craig, said he was hopeful a solution will be reached soon.

"It is good that the council are putting their support behind the proposal for the Civil," he said. "I think there's a lot of interest locally – it ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

"It gets rid of an abandoned building and allows Mactaggart and Mickel to progress with the shop."