PREPARATIONS for pupil assessments at West Fife schools are under way.

With no official exams taking place, members of Fife Council's South and West Fife area committee were given an update on the situation at a recent meeting.

Rectors from Inverkeithing, Dunfermline and Queen Anne high schools outlined the work being undertaken to ensure the required evidence for results was being collated.

Ian Adair, from Inverkeithing High, told councillors that 2021 was to be "a different kettle of fish". He explained: "We are in a position where we asking colleagues to give grades, colleagues are working really hard and are under pressure.

"Each school is having to interpret the SQA guidance in terms of assessing the young people. I am confident in my colleagues' ability to do that. Through lockdown we continued with the very robust tracking and reviewing. We are confident in our spreadsheets and tracking procedures.

"We think we have a good handle on where the young people should be."

Dunfermline High rector Iain Yuile said his staff and pupils should be "very proud" of the process undertaken already.

"It is quite hard to reflect over the last 15/16 months. I am really proud of our staff," he added.

Committee convener, Councillor Alice McGarry, gave thanks to all the teachers, parents, carers and pupils for their efforts during the pandemic.

She added: "We can’t underestimate the extraordinary efforts that have been made to keep pupils learning.”