HOT water bottles are now on the menu at a West Fife beer garden.

Given the unpredictability of our beloved Scottish weather, one pub is equipped with a novel way of keeping the cold out while sipping a few beers in the open.

Hillend Tavern has 30 hot water bottles to provide customers with in an effort to make its beer garden as warm and welcoming as possible.

Francesca Henderson, joint owner of the pub on Main Street, near Dalgety Bay train station, said: "What we have found is that everyone is more than happy to sit outside, no matter what the weather is like.

"We open it up at 4pm when it's not that cold, but as the night draws on, we'll ask anyone whether they want a hot water bottle to keep their hands warm.

"All the girls will take one straightaway, but it's funny to see the guys all claim that they don't need one, before eventually saying yes to them later in the evening!

"We have around 30 of them and although it's an expense, it's been brilliant and very welcomed.

"The photo of the girls (above) has to be my highlight since re-opening. It's really made me smile.

"The fact we have people coming back here and having fun - and behaving - it's a perfect combination."

The idea to introduce the hot water bottles was inspired by a visit to Burntisland last year, when a local hotel was offering the unique concept.

"I wish I could take the credit for it, but Sands Hotel in Burntisland was where I first encountered it.

"I've not seen it elsewhere, but I think it's just a brilliant idea.

"Everyone has loved them.

"It is funny to see a table of beers beside all these hot water bottles!"