VILLAGERS in Kelty say sewage water is seeping onto the pavements outside their homes.

Brad Oliver, who lives in the street, contacted the Press after a blockage meant waste was running along the street and was also damaging his neighbour's driveway.

"Scottish Water have come out in the past and cleared it but they have said they are not clearing it this time as they said it is private. We have argued that it is not but they are saying it is," he explained.

"At the night-time when folk are back from their work and doing stuff, it is coming through and there is more and more stuff that comes out once people have had their showers.

"It goes right down the street. Bairns are going to school and crossing the road and stepping into it."

A Scottish Water spokeswoman confirmed they were aware of the issue.

"We have fully investigated the drainage problems at Keltyhill Crescent and confirm this is a private matter and the pipework is the shared responsibility of several homes on the street," said the spokesperson.

“Scottish Water has attended this location several times in the last year and has cleared blockages on the public network, which we are responsible for, as well as in the private network.

"We believe the blockages were caused by inappropriate items, such as wipes and sanitary products, being put down toilets.

“As a gesture of goodwill, our sewer team will visit this site again this week to see if we can help or advise on the best way to clear any further blockages.”