SHOPPERS have been given the hump over a new safety measure in Tesco’s Dunfermline town-centre car park.

Duloch car-owner Alexander Richardson has vowed not to return to the store until the speed bump is either removed or lowered.

Tesco has installed the measure at the pedestrian crossing heading into the supermarket’s car park, just past the entrance to the petrol station.

Dunfermline Press:

Now drivers fear the height of the bump could cause serious damage to their vehicles or cause collisions.

Mr Richardson said: “I’ll bet you at some point one car will roll into the back of another.

“They won’t be expecting the car in front to slow down that much and they’ll collide.

“They should be keeping a good distance away anyway but a fender-bender there wouldn’t surprise me.”

He told the Press that he won’t be visiting the store again until Tesco change the bump in place or remove it completely.

“I need this car to last me another seven or eight years so I’ll be doing all I can to avoid anything that could stress it out,” he continued.

“The bump is definitely designed for a vehicle with thicker wheels, like HGVs. It’s too steep. It’s almost like they’ve placed a 4x4 block of wood on the road. I did spot it, I slowed right down and it still caused my car to wallow.

"I don’t have an old jalopy or anything like that – it’s two-years-old and it isn’t a small car – so if Tesco say I should check my suspension, I know that’ll be nonsense.

“I was just waiting for the tyre sensor to tell me that I’d blown my tyres as it felt that bad initially.”

The store on Winterthur Lane has received reports of car enthusiasts gathering inside the car park and speeding around the corner where the bump is located.

“You do get those folk with their slammed Fiestas who decided that the speed limit is not for them and drive round the corner like Stirling Moss but you still can’t go that fast around that corner,” Mr Richardson continued.

“When I was exiting, in fact, one car didn’t slow down as much as it should have and I saw the driver bounce up off their seat because of the impact.”

What is Tesco saying about it?

Tesco say that had they had received reports of drivers speeding towards the pedestrian crossing and anti-social driving in the car park, while confirming that the bump itself was “design standard”.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “The speed bump was installed to help make our car park safer for drivers and pedestrians.”