A WOODMILL High pupil on his way to school helped save the life of a man having a seizure.

The man had fallen and hit his head on the concrete, leading to him going into convulsions.

His face was covered in blood as a result of his glasses being smashed during the incident on Lapwing Drive in Dunfermline.

The youngster, who wished to remain anonymous, sprang into action and called for an ambulance, waiting with him until further help arrived.

Speaking to the Press, the boy's dad said that other pupils on the school bus were laughing at the man having the fit.

While the 18-year-old feels his actions were not worthy of any praise, his dad disagrees.

"Although he feels like he didn't do anything that special, he still stopped and called for help while others watched on," he said.

"He was running late for the bus but he saw the man lying on the ground with blood on his face and having a seizure.

"My son called 999 and someone else, who was driving along at the time, stopped the car and joined him.

"He took the phone off him to listen for the medical instructions before the ambulance quickly arrived.

"Once they were there, my son was told that he could go.

"There were a group of kids laughing at the guy on the ground.

"Although my son doesn't feel he did anything special, I've said to him that he should be proud of stopping and calling for help. I'm very proud of him for doing that.

"As a family, we're all immensely proud of him."

His dad's partner was driving past the bus stop when the ambulance was on the scene and asked the teen's father to check on his son and his younger brother, to make sure they were okay.

"When you hear that an ambulance was at the bus stop where your kids get on, it does scare you.

"My partner saw it and now we know that my son was associated with helping the man that the ambulance was there for.

"I'm a very proud dad.

"He's being very modest about it all and, as I said, he doesn't feel like he did anything special, but he did the right thing.

"He's not been rewarded for it but he turned 18 in January and I'll be buying him a car, so that's more than enough!"