POLICE and Fife Council officials are at Dunfermline Cemetery after shocking vandalism to the babies memorial overnight.

Distraught families have gone to check on the graves of loved ones after obscenities were scrawled on the memorial and a number of headstones, with many said to be in tears.

Although the Press has received images of the vandalism, we have decided not to publish them so as not to upset the loved ones affected further.

In additon to obscenities, slogans scarled include "one less Covid rat" and "Covid hoax".

The incident has sparked fresh calls for security to be stepped up at the cemetery after this latest outrageous incident.

Marie Ellis has a baby buried in the graveyard and told the Press: "I’ve heard that the community got together and cleaned the headstones. I have a baby buried in the memorial garden and am so thankful of the kind-hearted people that took the time to clean them up."

Shocked reader Sammi Tirr saw the vandalism this morning and told the Press: "This is the third time Dunfermline Cemetery has been vandalised, I think the council really need to consider putting up CCTV as it’s becoming ridiculous.

"It’s not fair on those who visit their loved ones graves to be confronted by vandalism. It’s very distressing and upsetting for some people to come across this utterly disgusting behaviour.

"It’s time Fife Council really considered putting in CCTV so we can catch the culprits that are doing this disgusting behaviour. My mother's grave is up there too and I’d hate for ours to be vandalised. I really feel for those who have suffered and my thoughts are with them."

Councillor Jean Muir contacted Fife Council's area manager and Councillor Dave Barratt early on Saturday morning after the vandalism was discovered and they were in contact with the police, fire and bereavent services to get the graffiti removed as soon as possible and investigate increased security in the area. 

Dunfermline Central councillor Garry Haldane said: "With regard to the latest bout of vandalism on the baby memorial in Dunfermline Cemetery, the community manager for Dunfermline, Andrew Gallagher, will be ensuring this is cleaned up as soon as possible today.

"This is another episode of disgusting, disrespectful behaviour by someone with no moral fibre or thought for those families of the baby’s that this memorial was created for.

"I cannot comprehend how the grieving families will react to this. How can these vandals live with themselves knowing they have spray painted such graphic obscenities on children’s memories?

"How would they feel if that was their little brother or sister? It is an act of a despicable nature. I certainly hope they are caught and the heaviest penalties are imposed on them. 

"If anyone knows who is responsible for this please contact the police on 101, it can be anonymous if you do not wish to leave your name."