NO, your eyes are not deceiving you! That IS a goat on the run going down Pittencrieff Street!

The site was captured by a member of the public yesterday afternoon which was posted on Fife Jammers.

The Scottish SSPCA told the Press this morning they received one call about the goat but by the time they'd had called the goat had gone.

The animal charity advised if it appeared in/near the road again to call the Police in the first instance.

But as they didn’t attend or rescue the goat they've no further info on it. 

A little bit of digging though has found locals on social media explaining that the goat has been in the area for the last two weeks!

Jackii Connelly said: "It's been about there for a couple weeks. I stay in the flats at Pittencrieff Street. Was in my parking space the other night!"

Kerrie Guthrie replied:" After the chase it gave me last week I’m going to avoid this car park for a while."

The mystery continues...