MORE THAN £3,000 has been raised in memory of a popular Keltybridge man who died earlier this month.

Ian Cunningham passed away on April 8 at the age of 60 after being diagnosed with Amyloidosis back in 2008.

IT consultant Ian, who was married to Patricia and had two children, Amy and Adam, had his rare condition managed by the National Amyloidosis Centre in London which also carries out research into the disease.

There are only around 6,000 people in the UK who are believed to suffer from Amyloidosis, which is caused by the accumulation, within the tissues of the body, of one or other of the body’s own proteins in the form of insoluble abnormal fibres, called amyloid fibrils.

Currently incurable, the average life expectancy for someone with the condition is 12 years from diagnosis.

Following his death, Ian's daughter, Amy, set up a fundraising page and the proceeds will be split between the National Amyloidosis Centre and Keltybridge's Tabernacle Hall where the family enjoyed many happy memories.

"We would probably have had a donation box at the end of the funeral but because of COVID, you can't do that so I set up the GoFundMe page," explained Amy.

"We were a bit apprehensive at first but we cannot believe the amount that has been raised. We know with my dad's funeral, there would have been standing room only because he had many friends and he was well-liked by the community. He would do anything for anyone."

Ian, who hailed originally from Cowdenbeath and attended Foulford Primary and Beath High, was a regular user of the Tabernacle Hall and the family are keen to ensure the venue also benefits from the donations.

"We have lived in Keltybridge for close to 20 years now and practically every New Year, we have had a celebration in there," added Amy.

"At least once a month or six weeks, there would be something on there which my dad would go to along with my mum. We have a lot of good friends and neighbours and everyone in the community has used the Tabernacle Hall for one event or another in their lifetime.

"Because of COVID, there's no funding going into it but there are still licences that have to be paid and insurance and it is just the community that funds the hall essentially. It does have charitable status so that is why we chose those two. Both of which are something, as a family, we are very fond of."

A funeral service for Ian took place last Wednesday (April 21) at Dunfermline Crematorium.

The fundraising page, for anyone wishing to donate, can be found at