A GOAT which left disbelieving drivers stunned as it wandered through the streets of Dunfermline has been returned safely home.

On Tuesday, a member of the public captured an image of the animal, which was posted on the Fife Jammer Locations Facebook page, on the run in Pittencrieff Street.

It prompted several comments on the social media site from concerned readers, whilst it was also reported to have been spotted elsewhere in the town.

The Scottish SPCA had told the Press that they had received one call in relation, but it had quickly moved on from the scene.

The charity then advised that if it appeared on or near the road again, members of the public should contact police.

However, there has been a happy end to the tale as the goat's walkabout has come to an end, with no harm done.

A post on the Fife Jammer Locations page read: "Message just in....

The goat has been got! Thank you to everyone for their help in locating her. She is now back home safe and sound! Thanks again".