WEST FIFERS have demanded action as families were left distraught by vile graffiti plastered over the baby memorial in Dunfermline Cemetery.

Resting places were covered in sickening spray-painted messages but it's not the first time this year there has been vandalism at the graveyard.

The incident has sparked fresh calls for security to be stepped after this latest outrageous incident.

Today (Thursday), senior officials will meet to review security at the cemetery, including whether the site needs CCTV.

Senior Dunfermline councillor Helen Law has met Fife Council's area manager and said "something has to be done".

"The vandalism seen across Dunfermline in recent months has been absolutely horrendous, likewise across the country," she said.

"But the vandalism seen at the weekend most be an all-time low.

"To go to that extent as to be there with spray and write those obscene things is disgusting – whoever did it should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

"Fife Council and Police Scotland were informed and were on the case very quickly.

"Police are going to carry out more patrols and CCTV will be seriously looked at. There's no doubt something has to be done."

She added: "It's concerning that we've come to a point where it looks like we're going to have to put CCTV everywhere but that's what it may take to protect people that have gone before us.

"In assessing, I will look at all the options so that people can feel they can go to the cemetery and it will be a safe, clean and tidy place.

"We should remember that this is caused by a small minority of people.

"We have so many young people in Dunfermline that are working hard to contribute to their community."

Lino Prado is the partner of MP Neale Hanvey who alerted the politician to the destruction at around 7.30am on Saturday. He has been contacting the police over anti-social behaviour in recent weeks and thinks it could be linked.

He told the Press: "This not the first time I spotted this. We've seen the war graves being targeted as well but when I speak to all my neighbours, everyone is just disgusted.

"The baby memorial is right next to the bridge and there is a cyclepath that runs next to the cemetery.

"There has been a bunch of youths that have been hanging out there and they even turned up on Saturday night.

"Everybody says they're extremely intimidating and when I've been going past with my 15-year-old son he's asked to go a different way to avoid them.

"When I've called police they just seem to just chase them off instead of getting their details."

Other councillors have also asked for action to be taken, including the prospect of installing CCTV.

Councillor David Barratt, who is the convener of the assets and property services sub-committee, which oversees bereavement services, said: "An investigation is under way by the police and we are looking at additional security measures to see what solutions can be found.

"I've asked to see if this would include CCTV.

"The problem is if we put CCTV in then they move to another place. It's a case of finding the culprits and prosecuting them.

"Obviously this is not the first time it's happened. I think it's the fourth incident in 2021.

"It was obviously particularly distressing and disgusting behaviour – there's not much more you can say.

"I was particularly impressed by the Press' reporting on the matter and that they chose not to share the images.

"The people who did this like the attention so media attention spurs them on."

Douglas Chapman MP added: “The vandalism I saw at the Dunfermline Cemetery over the weekend was utterly disgraceful.

“Constituents have contacted me over the weekend asking what more can be done.

"It’s clear that further action needs to be taken and I would be willing to work with the council and those in the local community to find solutions to improve security around the cemetery, and to deter others from carrying out any further acts of mindless vandalism."