A FENCE which didn't stop pedestrians getting onto the M90 at Kelty is set to be replaced.

West Fife politician Alex Rowley had called on Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland to sort out the barrier after villagers had expressed fears that the current one failed to block direct access onto the motorway from the footbridge connecting the village to Blairadam Forest.

“My office has received complaints that the new fencing on the forest side is simply inadequate – allowing anyone that wants to, to walk straight onto the motorway," explained Mr Rowley.

"At one side of the bridge, new fencing has been erected and is safe so why on the other side of the bridge did they leave it insecure? Either way, they have got to fix it, and the sooner they do so, the safer it will be."

A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland, who are responsible for the road's upkeep on behalf of Transport Scotland, confirmed the area would be made safer.

“We are aware that sections of the motorway boundary fence around this area are showing signs of wear and tear and will be looking to replace this like with like soon," said the spokesperson.

"We will discuss with Transport Scotland whether a more secure type of fence detail is required at the access to Keltyhill Wood, similar to the one on the Kelty side of the footbridge.

“We would also take this opportunity to remind walkers that pedestrians are not permitted on the motorway.”