FIFE COUNCIL’S education chief has said safety and security of children is a “top priority” after a seven-year-old at a Dunfermline school was left to walk home alone.

The youngster had been due to attend the after-school facility at Masterton Primary but was let out of the school building and, after not spotting her parents, who were not there becaue it was a day where she was transferring to the after-school club, presumed she had to make her own way home for the first time.

The alarm was raised when another parent spotted the child and returned her to the school.

The girl’s mum, who wished to remain anonymous, has now written to Fife Council calling for measures to be taken to ensure no repeat can occur and described the incident as “child endangerment”.

She told the Press: “She walked along Aberdour Road, crossed the road but thankfully behind some other children and their parents and crossed when they crossed.

“She could have been knocked down by a car, she could have been abducted and I have tried to make that clear to the school. The out-of-school service is a fantastic service but the school has broken the trust of this collaboration. They have not relinquished responsibility of my child as they had a duty of care and in doing so, they have put my child in danger.”

The parent said the school had apologised for what happened but she wants to ensure other children are not put in the same situation.

She added: “The headteacher is now to be alerted to any incidents – I don’t know why that wasn’t a given in the first place. Anything could have happened.”

Fife Council’s head of education and children’s services, Shelagh McLean, confirmed they were looking into what had happened.

“We’re aware of an incident where a child left the school grounds when they should’ve gone to the after-school club,” she said.

“We’re sorry for any distress this caused the family and would like to reassure parents and guardians that the safety and security of children is our top priority. 

“We’re reviewing the incident and processes to make sure it can’t happen again.”