FIFE COUNCIL say they are in discussions with Stagecoach about implementing a 'hail-and-ride' system in Townhill now that the village is losing a bus stop.

The halt by the community centre is to be removed to make way for parking.

Instead, it's been suggested that passengers wanting to alight can signal to the driver when they want to get off if it's safe to do so.

Dunfermline North councillor Gavin Ellis told the Press: "The bus stop will be removed from its current location to create space for parking.

"As far as I know, there was ongoing discussions with Stagecoach about this.

"The next stop is the turning circle which is only a hundred yards but to get off there creates an additional fare.

"The bus wouldn't be picking anybody up just anywhere but it will drop off.

"There's far and few between getting off at the stop at that moment.

"Although the bus stop is getting removed it won't change the layout of the road."

The changes to the bus stop are part of a traffic order by the council to introduce safety measures after the death of a toddler in the village last summer.

The order is for permanent restrictions around the junction of Loch Street and Main Street as well as a goods vehicle loading bay on Loch Street.

Authorities moved quickly to bring in safety measures after the death of three-year-old Robyn Knox, who was knocked down and killed by a car on August 3.

The issue of new traffic regualtions have been contentious in the village since councillors gave the go-ahead for an order to be made back in September.

Parking outside the convenience store will be moved further up the street and some have not been happy about the changes.

Temporary safety bollards installed at the store after the accident have been moved twice by those angry.

When the Press asked Stagecoach about the hail-and-ride system, they said this would not be happening in Townhill, despite the council saying there had been discussions.

A spokesperson said: "Townhill is not a suitable area as it wouldn't be safe for the bus to stop or have suitable access to deploy a wheelchair ramp, for example."

Phil Clarke, the council's lead consultant for traffic management (South Fife), said: "We're currently in discussion with Stagecoach about this. Once the details have been confirmed they'll be posted in the buses and on nearby bus stops for customers' information."