CREMATIONS in Dunfermline will soon move to Kirkcaldy for around 12 weeks.

Work is set to begin at the crematorium on Masterton Road as part of a £1.6 million investment between the two locations.

Fife Council has almost completed upgrades at Kirkcaldy Crematorium and Dunfermline is next on its agenda.

Dunfermline will be closed for a “short while”, Fife Council says, as work starts on June 7 with “around 12 weeks” being the deadline for the project. No target date has been set.

The work carried out in Kirkcaldy allows all cremators to operate at the same time and will be able to carry out the same number of funerals even though Dunfermline will be closed to have its cremators replaced.

Fife Council will also be able to support funerals for coffins that are much larger in size during this process, but size limits will remain in place.

Liz Murphy, bereavement services manager with Fife Council, said: “Dunfermline Crem has two cremators, both are over 25-years-old and both need to be replaced.

“To allow us to do this work, we have to shut the crematorium down completely for cremation services.

“The work at Kirkcaldy is almost finished so we’re planning on starting work at Dunfermline, providing everything goes to plan, the week starting Monday, June 7. We expect it’ll take around 12 weeks to complete.”

Ms Murphy said some other services in Dunfermline would continue and arrangements were in place for ashes to be transported back to Dunfermline for scattering.

“While Dunfermline Crematorium is closed, the Garden of Remembrance and office will be open as normal,” she stated.

“We will also continue to offer appointment to families wishing to scatter their loved one’s ashes in the Garden. However, this may be restricted to certain days each week, but we will do our best to accommodate families.

“Crematorium staff normally based at Dunfermline will be temporarily based at Kirkcaldy Crematorium during the work unless they’re needed to carry out scattering duties at Dunfermline Crematorium.

“As required, where a cremation that would normally take place at Dunfermline is scheduled for Kirkcaldy Crematorium, arrangements are in place for transporting the ashes back to Dunfermline Crematorium Garden for scattering. We have also been in touch with local funeral directors to make them aware of the revised arrangements for the duration of the work.”