A SUMMER banger is on its way courtesy of Dovv.

The new tune from the four-piece led by David Stevens is the "tune we all need right now" after enduring a year like no other.

"Picture yourself standing at T in the Park on a Saturday afternoon and having a great time; that's what this song feels like and it sounds exactly how I wanted it to be," Stevens told Press:ON.

The track, out on June 4, was written by himself and former Oskar Braves bandmate Grant Allan (now of Kings Klub) some time ago.

After being put to one side, Stevens, a regular in Dunfermline's music scene, went to work on it once again and after changing some parts here and there, Summer now has a rock-anthem vibe.

"I could play this in PJ Molloys, in a field, back garden or anywhere else," he says.

"It's an uplifting song. It's fun. It's happy. It's a tune we all need right now.

"It sounds and feels like sunshine and happiness at the end of such a negative and depressing time for everyone.

"It really has been a horrible year for all of us. Now that it seems we're returning to some sort of normality again, it felt like the right time to release this one.

"Now that bars are opening again and live music will be coming back, it's a boost to morale. We can have that happiness again."

Stevens spent months in lockdown last year writing new material for Dovv, a long-term aspiration of his and a side project to Oskar Braves, which he still fronts.

The debut single, Backstreets of Your Mind, came out in December and was heavily influenced by Stevens' childhood favourites such as Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Taking the music "right back to basics" was the aim of that number and now with Summer on the horizon, it's another step in the right direction.

"I love the sound of Dovv," Stevens said.

"I'm really enjoying it. It's completely separate from Oskar Braves and a totally different sound.

"I've got a great group of boys on board and I think it's a settled line-up now."

Lewis Moncur is on guitar and Ben Sharp has a bass in hand, while Hamish Ward completes the Dunfermline-strong group on drums.

Hamish Finlayson, of Dancing on Tables, lent his lead guitar services to Summer, too.

"We've got a music video out on the same day as well," Stevens said.

"I absolute hate waiting on things, so that had to be done.

"Give me the single, music video and everything else at the same time. I'm terrible at waiting, I really am.

"If a band tells me that I have to wait three months for a release, it doesn't go down well with me. I need everything now, and that's why the video is out on the same day, right in time for the summer.

"It's almost like I planned that, right? What a coincidence!

"What better time to release Summer than in June when the sun starts shining and everyone is getting back to being happy again? It's perfect."

Summer is out on all major streaming platforms on Friday, June 4.