PRODUCE from an orchard set to be planted at Dunfermline's delivery office is to be donated to a local charity helping people in need.

Royal Mail workers, a branch from the Communication Workers Union and two dogs from a postie's round have all donated to an initiative that will see nine fruit trees planted at Woodmill Street.

Pears, plums and apples will be available at the orchard on Royal Mail land but all produce will go to West Fife's SHIELD group to distribute.

Councillor Garry Haldane, who is also a postal worker, is behind the initiative. He said: "We are hoping to start planting at the end of the week when the grass area has been cleared.

"The orchard will be along the front beside the memorial garden dedicated to Royal Mail workers in Dunfermline who have died during service.

"All the fruit that will eventually come off the trees will go to SHIELD and it will go out to the community.

"A plaque has been created to thank my colleagues that have donated and also a customer whose dogs, Mac and Cody, contributed too!

"I'm also looking for a glass artist who would brighten up the office windows behind the memorial garden."

Cllr Haldane also has eight clay pots that a girl guide group are going to decorate to brighten the orchard too.

Sarah Keeble, from SHIELD, said: "We are really excited about this and happy to help any way we can.

"When I saw a picture of the plaque, I actually felt really emotional. We know that we're doing is making an impact and it's heartwarming when people see that and want to help too.

"It's a real privilege that we're thought of in this way and the orchard is something that will help people in the years to come.

"Garry is very involved in his community and he has given us lots of amazing advice already so for him to now put this orchard in place is fantastic and we're very grateful to him."

SHIELD, which was set up at the start of the pandemic, is a self-funded group relying on food and financial donations from the public. They deliver food parcels, click and collect, home cooked meals, clothing bank, and education bank items.

The Press teamed up with the group in December for our Give a Child a Toy campaign, with generous Press readers filling hundreds of bags inserted into each paper which we passed on to Sarah and her team to distribute to West Fife children who would have otherwise gone without due to the pandemic.

They're also set to get a funding boost thanks to a local Co-op employee's song-writing efforts in support of Scotland's Euros campaign.

Derek Henderson has written a wee tune called 'Come on Scotland' which has been performed by his friend, Garry Stanton, and features bagpipes by local musician Dean Saunders.

Anyone can download the song and the profits will go to SHIELD.

Sarah added: "I don't know anything about football but Derek has been a huge support to SHIELD along with the Co-op!

"It's so lovely to see people have faith in what you're doing and as we're self-funded, anything we get is greatly received.

"Thank you for everyone's efforts!"

If you'd like to download 'Come on Scotland' visit: