DUNFERMLINE High School pupils had a lucky escape as they fled from a bus blaze in Culross.

A First Bus caught fire yesterday (Wednesday) morning at around 8.15am and 15 pupils had to be evacuated.

There were no casualties and the driver was praised for ensuring everyone onboard was safe.

A Dunfermline High pupil has now told the Press what happened on the bus and how tragedy was prevented.

Alicia Glasgow, in sixth year, was sitting at the back of the bus with her friends when one of them, Kellsie, sitting on the other side, detected a strange smell.

Alicia said: "No-one else could smell it at the time, but we got further into Culross and we all could start to smell it. 

"We got a girl sitting in front of us to go and tell the driver. He said he'd go out to check once we were clear of the car park area, as he couldn't stop there at the time."

Smoke could then be seen coming from the back of the bus on Low Causewayside (Main Street) and the evacuation started.

Alicia continued: "The driver made sure that no-one else was on the bus and phoned for the fire service.

"It was a real fright. We were just on the bus ten minutes before that. We were all shocked.

"The driver was a bit shaken as well that it had happened. He kept making sure we were all okay.

"We were all fine and spoke about it on the bus home at night. 

"I saw photos afterwards of when the fire was out, and it was crazy to see as we had just been sitting there."

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said two appliances were in attendance to extinguish the flames.

They left the scene more than an hour later, at 9.42am.

First Bus praised its driver for his actions.

David Phillips, Operations Director for First Midland, said: “I can confirm that one of our vehicles was involved in a thermal incident today entering Culross on Low Causewayside. 

"We have emergency procedures and training in place for this sort of incident.

"Passenger safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and our driver must be commended for his prompt action that prevented any injuries whatsoever with all passengers being swiftly and safely evacuated.

"The emergency services were alerted immediately, and a full internal investigation is now underway to establish the root cause of the incident.

"This incident has been reported to the DVSA.”

Fife Council added that the pupils were taken to Dunfermline High by a replacement bus and attended school safely.

Shelagh McLean, Head of Education and Children's Services at Fife Council, said:  "I can confirm there was a fire on one of our school buses travelling to Dunfermline High School this morning (Wednesday).

"Fifteen children were on board, and all were evacuated safely. No-one was injured.

"They've been taken to school by another bus and have arrived safe and well."