A DUNFERMLINE photographer is the youngest competitor and only Scot to take part in a new challenge TV series on the BBC.

Jackson Moyles is one of six contestants being tutored by world-famous portrait and fashion icon Rankin, who is on the lookout for a dynamic new name in photography for the Great British Photography Challenge currently airing on BBC Four.

The competition has been tipped as photography's answer to the 'Bake Off' but for Jackson, it's provided an opportunity of a lifetime for the young protégé.

The 21-year-old only picked up a camera several years ago on a whim but in one episode one last week he was already marked out by Rankin for a nature photograph that captured his eye.

Jackson, who attended Queen High School, told the Press: "I did not do a huge amount of photography during school at all, it wasn't until near the end of my schooling days that I picked up a camera.

"I was always interested in the creative arts, such as drawing and music, but photography was something I just stumbled on.

"I saw some photos I thought were great and decided to purchase a camera – I just took to it straight away – it went hand in hand with my interest in the outdoors and travelling.

"After school, I did a course called Audio Visual Technology that had some photography to it and that side of things shined through.

"When I finished college in the pandemic, I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't try to get ahead with my career so I've been working away doing freelance but it's not been the easiest time to do that!"

Jackson's niche is in landscape photography but through the competition he experienced other genres.

The four-part masterclass series sees contestants undertake a range of themed weekly challenges across the UK, and although ultimately a winner will be chosen, none will be eliminated.

So far, only two episodes have been aired so we don't know the outcome quite yet but speaking on what he learned from filming in October, Jackson said: "Since being on the show, it's thrown a spanner in the works because I've realised I love everything about photography!

"I get a buzz off every genre. I loved how all the contestants brought different things.

"I was maybe the youngest but I'm not to be underestimated!

"I first heard about the series on a group and then when I also happened to get an email about it I took it to be a sign so thought I would go for it.

"I never expected to hear anything back but a good while later I got a call asking if I was still interested and quite quickly after that I was flying down to London to film for two months.

"I still don't think I've quite grasped what's happened; I did not expect it and as the only Scot it feels like there is a lot of pressure on my back!

"My family and friends have been really supportive and as I used a picture of my family in the first episode, my niece was quite happy to see herself on the TV!"

Each episode of the competition starts with an on-the spot-challenge set by Rankin to deliver a winning picture in just one hour, using nothing more than smartphone cameras.

They also undertake specific projects with a celebrity expert in a specialist area of photography and finally they have to deliver on a high-pressure brief involving multiple elements, such as clients and models.

Jackson added: "I've learned that I'm a stronger photographer than I thought. I had a lot of doubt that I wasn't going to pull it off but it worked best when I went with my gut.

"I think some people might say I come across quite cocky but I just wanted to get make the most out of the opportunity and I wanted to pick up as much as I could.

"I think without a doubt Pittencrieff Park is my favourite place to photograph in Dunfermline – it feels like you are in a completely different place and it's right on our doorstep.

"It's a luxury we have these places when others don't."