A DUNFERMLINE family was left stunned after a missing snake made a miraculous reappearance – two months after they buried it.

Pablo, a corn snake, hadn't been seen for weeks until someone reported seeing one that matched his description at their home just 10 minutes away.

Amanda Maclean told the Press that they had searched "absolutely everywhere" for Pablo, a snake she had given to her brother, Robbie.

It got out from its George Street home in the town and efforts to find him had proved fruitless.

However, someone had spotted a corn snake in their garden a few weeks ago and it looked a double of Pablo.

"She took a photo of it and posted it online but they couldn't find it in the garden again and then someone else found it just 10 minutes away from where my brother stays," Amanda said.

"It was taken to Edinburgh to someone who has knowledge of snakes. They kept it and fed it for a day but it sadly passed away before it was returned to my brother.

"We got 'Pablo' back and thought it was definitely him. We then buried him in my mum's garden (on May 14)."

Upset turned into confusion, however, as, on Saturday, Amanda's mum made a shocking discovery.

Amanda said: "My mum walked into her bedroom and Pablo was just sitting there beside the heater. It was just chilling out as if nothing had happened.

"We had looked everywhere. I don't know where he's been.

"He's perfectly healthy as well.

"The other snake was quite thin at the time and had some bruises on its face but it looked like my brother's.

"If someone is missing a snake, they'll still be thinking that it could be out there. It's important for them to know."