NICOLA Sturgeon is to 'thank' for an act of vandalism in West Fife, according to one Facebook user.

An image surfaced online over the weekend of a vandalised Dalgety Bay bus stop with its glass panels smashed to pieces.

The anti-social behaviour, understood to have taken place on Saturday night, caused mass disappoint from the local community with the pieces of glass left on the road and pavement.

One woman, posting on the Dalgety Bay Billboard Facebook page, suggested that the problem is because of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

They said: "It's out of bloody order. We can thank Nicola Sturgeon for all this taking authority away from parents. Obviously this is the kind of world some want to live in. They are in there droves and nothing getting done about."

The comment left others in a state of disbelief.

One poster, in response, said: "Taking authority away? I was never hit as a child and never done this. This is down to parenting, not Nicola."

Another user remarked that the suggestion was an "absolute load of nonsense", while someone else questioned how one political party could be to blame for a bus stop being damaged in Dalgety Bay, stating: "That's some leap."