A 32-YEAR-OLD man was found walking about the streets armed with a meat cleaver and then threatened to firebomb the home of police officers.

John Young then spat at a female constable at Dunfermline police station.

Young, a prisoner at Perth, had not long been released from jail when he offended again.

He appeared via video-link at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and admitted that on April 24, at Meldrum Road and Victoria Road, Kirkcaldy, and elsewhere, he was in unlawful possession of a meat cleaver.

He also admitted that in a police vehicle and at Dunfermline police station, he shouted, swore, threatened police officers repeatedly with violence, threatened to trace officers when they were off duty and threatened to fire-bomb their homes.

Young further admitted that on April 25, at Dunfermline police station, he assaulted a female police constable, spat at her and threatened to assault her.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner said that, at 10.30pm, police were contacted by people who had seen Young in a street carrying a meat cleaver.

When officers tracked Young down, they searched him and found the cleaver in a bag he was carrying.

As he was arrested and taken into a police vehicle, Young began shouting and making threats, including to find out where the officers lived and fire-bomb their homes.

He was transported to Dunfermline police station where he continued his threatening behaviour, telling a female officer he was going to break her nose and break her jaw, before spitting at her.

Defence solicitor Martin McGuire said his client had been released from jail last December after serving a five-year sentence.

On this day, he said his client had been consuming valium and his recollection was “vague” about what had happened after that.

Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist jailed Young for 30 months.