A SHOCKING discovery was made in Dunfermline yesterday (Wednesday).

During a clean-up of the Lyne Burn area between Erskine Beveridge Court and Whirlbut Street, volunteers were stunned at finding bones within the piles of rubbish removed.

The police were then called and, within the hour, attended the scene.

It was later revealed that the bones were from an animal and not human.

Cllr Garry Haldane has taken part in recent litter picking and clean-ups of the Lyne Burn area and told the Press: "The woman who found the bones was pretty surprised.

"The police were there very quickly and later said they were animal bones.

"The volume of rubbish found in the burn has been absolutely ridiculous.

"There's been bikes and everything else in the burn up at ASDA and a bed/settee under the bridge at Tesco, which had to be a two-person job. They had to have stopped and pushed it off from the bridge. It's ridiculous."