A DRIVER refused to be tested for drugs or alcohol after police were called to an accident in Culross.

Police found 46-year-old Robert Conacher behind the wheel of a damaged vehicle in Balgownie West.

He refused a breath test, saying: “I’m maintaining the moral high ground.”

He was then taken to Livingston police station where he refused to give a blood sample, saying: “It’s my choice.”

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard that Conacher believed his drink had been spiked in Oakley.

Conacher, of Alloa Road, Clackmannan, admitted that on May 12, at Livingston police station, he failed to provide a specimen of blood.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said: “He’d been to a friend’s house in Oakley. He thinks somebody spiked his drink.

“He lost his vehicle as a result of this incident as it was seized by the council from a car park and he didn’t have the funds to retrieve it.

“He doesn’t have any recollection of being in the vehicle there.”

Sheriff Charles Macnair told Conacher: “You may be maintaining the moral high ground but you’ll be doing it without a driving licence.”

He fined Conacher £520 and banned him from driving for a year.