LIVING a normal life and looking to the future is the best path for Laurie Gallacher and her family to take on her cancer journey.

The Dunfermline barber's breast cancer is treatable and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

While her outlook has been positive from the outset, the 49-year-old has had extremely difficult days.

As reported by the Press, her first experience with chemotherapy was painful, with Laurie describing it as "hell".

While the second round was better due to her dosage being lowered, there were still draining side effects.

As a result, support from partner Jamie, son Taylor, and her friends has been crucial in keeping her spirits high from day one.

Speaking to the Press this week, Jamie said he knew what could be in store for Laurie after his dad also experienced chemotherapy.

Jamie commented: "Having been through cancer with my dad, I kind of knew what she was going to be going through.

"I knew roughly what to expect and how bad it could be but I didn't want to scare or worry her. Taking it as it comes is better than predicting how it will be. I had an idea of what it was going to be like and was prepared for that.

"Seeing her in pain like that is not good to see though and I'm thankful that the second chemo wasn't as bad as the first."

Remarking that Laurie was a "trooper", he praised her attitude towards her diagnosis of stage four, grade three HER2 cancer and her desire to see the family carry on as they would ordinarily.

"Laurie doesn't want me to be moping around the house and neither does she," Jamie said.

"She's trying her best to lead a normal life and has been out meeting pals and doing what she would normally do besides working.

"She met up with some of them at the Elizabethan (Dunfermline) at the weekend and she has her taste buds back, so got to taste a pint again. Stuff like that and being with pals lifts her spirits.

"Don't get me wrong, she's had her bad days, but she gets back up from them.

"Sometimes it's hard to know what to say or do at times but we both try to be humourous about it as there's no point in being sad.

"We're both looking ahead to good things like going away on holiday again.

"We know she's going to be okay."