A FITNESS group endured a six-hour exercise challenge last weekend to help donate hundreds of items to Dunfermline Foodbank.

Trainers Jules Hopkins and Gerry Flood, from Empower Fitness, ran 30-minute exercise sessions continuously from 9am-3pm at Bellyeoman Park.

Around 25-30 women who take part in their outdoor classes were involved plus many of their family and friends.

People were encouraged to donate food and toiletries in support and an incredible 350kg worth of donations for the Foodbank was collected on the day.

Jules said: "As a community we decided we were keen to give something back and that's where the idea of the charity day came.

"We were a bit shattered after six hours but had lots of fun and had games for all the family too such as sack races and hurdles!

"Obviously, lots of family and friends of the group came and donated but we also had others popping by who had found out what we were doing.

"We were just overwhelmed by the support we got and managed to fill my Audi estate four times on Saturday! I was also back with a car-load to the Foodbank on Monday for a last run.

"It was great for the ladies to feel like they were giving something back. We were aware that there has been a huge demand on the Foodbank due to the lockdown."

The fitness challenge came as the Press has launched our own Foodbank appeal.

The pandemic has caused the charity to give out more emergency parcels than it ever has before – but that means stocks are at an all-time low.

That’s why we need your help – so on July 1, we’ll be including a Foodbank appeal bag in every edition of the Press and asking our readers to fill it up as much as you can, supported generously by AH Fireplace Installations Ltd, solicitors Basten Sneddon, and Gleaner.

Sandra Beveridge, who is the project manager for the Dunfermline Foodbank, went to support the exercise challenge on Saturday.

Jules added: "It was great that Sandra came along. She thanked us for our contributions and she was overwhelmed by the support we'd received.

"Even just raising awareness has been great to do.

"A local baker made us a cake to celebrate our efforts so we were ready to tuck into some of that by 3pm!"

Dunfermline Press Foodbank Appeal: Donations can be dropped off at numerous locations around West Fife including shops and foodbank centres.

The Trussell Trust’s excellent app as well as their website tells people exactly what items Dunfermline Foodbank is in urgent need of so it’s never been easier to add a couple of items to your shop. Just search for 'Foodbank' on app stores.

The Dunfermline Foodbank umbrella comprises five centres across South West Fife, including Dunfermline, Inverkeithing, Rosyth, Benarty and Cowdenbeath.